In Praise

Sarah McCallum

Kirsty provides an incredibly safe and nurturing space in which to receive healing. Her qualities of kindness, generosity and clarity make for a remarkable experience. My body and mind felt transformed after our hour long session. I fell into a very peaceful state and the upgrades were powerful and numerous. Various areas of my body experienced a sense of renewal. The remainder of the day I felt lighter and full of ease. I highly recommend her intuitive guidance for anyone looking to overcome blockages or create more spaciousness in their energy body.

Stacey Simons

Kirsty has such a lovely, safe and nurturing energy. Her compassionate being, makes her easy to open too. She intuitively picked out exactly what I needed for our session together and afterwards I felt new, vibrant energy flowing my body and so much more expansion. Thank you Kirsty for your magic!

Dr Eve Agee, PhD
Founder of the Transform Coaching Academy

"Kirsty is a talented and gifted coach. Through her compassion and presence, she holds the space for deep transformation and success to occur for her clients. Kirsty is skilled at helping her clients see new possibilities and take inspired action toward their goals. She empowers women to embody their confidence with more joy! I highly recommend coaching with Kirsty."

Rya DeMulder

"I immediately felt comfortable and open working with her. Kirsty's ability to connect and channel information…was clear as the messages that came through greatly resonated with my own understanding of what I know to be true. I would definitely recommend a reading with her to anyone looking for further clarity in their own journey."

Dr Loveah Colette
Author of ‘Infinite Power Now’

"It is an honour to recommend Kristy as an ethical professional who loves to serve people. When she was hit by the storm of life, it was amazing to see how she pulled herself up with strength and power. Kirsty is a blessing and a successful coach for everyone."

Julie Flowers

"Thank you so much for your time today. I was surprised by my Akashic Records reading because though it didn’t directly answer my question, it went deeper and addressed something that I hadn’t verbalized though I have felt deeply. Bringing this out in the light will help me in my healing and growth in a tremendous way."

Carrie Nowacki

"I found our session to be very helpful and validating for my path. You were very kind which made it comfortable to work with you. After my reading with you, not only have I been incorporating music into my shower routine, I have been playing music more often all together, which has led to singing and dancing with my son. Keeping it high vibe as much as I can!! Thank you so much."

Kate Frank

"You gave me the insight confirming I'm on the right path. I was so amazed when you asked about my writing that no one knew about which just determined more of my Guardian Angels being by side and seeing what I'm doing. I'm very excited for my path.. You’re so sweet and absolutely amazing!"

Gurminder Jagpal

"It was truly an emotional and heart-warming experience for me. I’m not even sure what had the tears just flowing. I feel like it all made complete sense for me. I am truly grateful for this experience and what you were able to share with me about myself. It certainly made me realize what I knew about myself isn’t off. I know, but I still couldn’t move forward. I hope I’m able to stand true to the faith you and akashic records showed in me. Thank you."