Who would benefit from an Angel Healing®?

Receive channelled loving healing, love and inspiration
from the Archangels and the Archeia (Female Archangels)

This is for you if you…

⭐    Would love to receive healing for a specific challenge in your life, whether that is in your health, your relationships, your family, your career or your finances.
🧡    Would love to feel more inspired, or generally uplifted in a specific area of your life!
⭐    Want to create a deeper connection with your guides, and your angels and to deepen your intuition.
🧡    Want to feel that extra sparkle or sprinkle of magic in your life!
⭐    Are looking for a particular boost of energy and drive for a new project.
🧡    Are feeling a little low or uninspired and desire to feel more buoyant and uplifted!


How does it work?

You book your session and select a time that is convenient for us to meet through Zoom.

You complete a brief questionnaire about the nature of your requirements from the session.

During our session I first connect with you, your guides and angels, and I request the specific healing for you.

I guide you through a relaxing meditation and you receive the healing.

I follow up with an email containing any messages from the Archangels for you and the specific Archangels present at your session.

You will also receive information regarding how this Archangel works and what gifts and qualities they bring to you at this time. 


What is involved in an Angel Healing®?

Each treatment of Angel Healing is as sacred as it is profound, with sessions catered to meet the intentions of the recipient. In each treatment a trained practitioner connects to the angelic presence and guardian angels of the recipient and, along with their own angelic guides, brings in angelic healing energies to where are best needed, be that on a physical or non-physical level.

An Angel Healing
treatment may also include the use of angelic symbols of consciounesses, card reading, intuitive channelling and angelic sound healing to best cater for your intentions.

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Angel Healing session - £77.00

Book your Angel Healing® Session here!

In Praise

“Kirsty’s kind nature and beautiful big heart are so evident in her work!

Her intuitive nature and brilliance are spot on.
Her Angel reading was on point and perfect.

Thank you Kirsty!”

Nikki Incandela

“I felt I needed to be able to cope with anxiety, healing of old traumas and generally an all-round cleanse of body, mind and soul.

Throughout I could feel warmth, see colours. I felt anxiety and negativity leave my stomach. The colours I could see formed images of a bird, flying high over the ocean, taking me far away. I found immediate peace and relief. That weekend I was a different person.

I think it’s important to take time in our busy lives to relax – for me the more holistic route is best.”

Rachel Taylor

Angel Healing session - £77.00

Book your Angel Healing® Session here!

Your Angel Healer, Kirsty Jandrell

Hello there beautiful soul,
I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Kirsty.
I’m an Angel Healer
® and am devoted to helping souls remember their divinity and magnificence!
I’m passionate about guiding beautiful souls to discover and develop their spiritual gifts and align with their soul’s calling.
I’m also dedicated to everyone having access to the unlimited flow of love, joy, and abundance that is our birthright!
In my spare time I can be found fairy-spotting with my daughter and two Sheltie dogs, Iggy and Shanti, in the rural hills of the Welsh countryside!