Benefits of an Akashic Records session

Receive channelled loving guidance from your spiritual team on any aspect of your life, this can include working on current issues you may have, or working on past patterns and even our future selves.
We are multi-dimensional beings who have chosen to incarnate at this time of ascension.
As we move towards co-creating the New Earth as a collective we all have our part to play in the magic.  How fortunate we are to be able to work with a host of Divine Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Guides, as well as tap into the wisdom we all hold in our essential selves, to make this magic happen!
Below are just some of the areas that can be accessed and worked with in a session with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones:


⭐   Experience clarity on specific challenges or opportunities that are current for  you.
🧡   Move from fear to freedom!
⭐   Move from anxious to excited about YOUR future!
🧡   Explore past lives and timelines and receive healings in this.
⭐   Boost your powers of manifestation and co-creation.
🧡   Heal karmic patterns and release energetic blocks that are preventing you from moving into soul alignment.
⭐   Receive healing around topics that are pertinent in your life now.
🧡   Be supported and guided in transforming your life for your highest good.
⭐   Be guided on how to align with your authentic self and uncover your soul purpose.
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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records represents an energetic library of every thought, deed or action from your soul since its creation.
Indeed, every being, living or inanimate, has their own set of records.

At any point we are able to access this incredible wellspring of wisdom, and gain loving and supportive guidance from our spiritual team.
Each one of our records is protected and held by specific guides.

The process is loving, kind and limitless, from the questions you can ask to the guidance that is given.
Rest assured that this is a dialogue without judgement, and that all information is provided with the highest intention for all.

The beauty lies in trusting the process and yourself, too- you are ready for this guidance, and whether you choose to act on it or not.

Your steps on this journey and the information you receive, are perfect for you in this moment.

You can choose to act on the support given or not, you always have free will, and there is never any judgement.

It is such a powerful and direct way of seeking guidance and healing to the past, present and future,
and one which never fails to humble and astound me, in particular to witness the flow of unconditional love that comes with the experience!

``You are not a victim of your current life or other lifetimes. You are the creator. Every moment you create your next moment by your thoughts and feelings. Don't give up on yourself. Take your power back and consciously create the life you desire.`` Melissa Reick

60 min reading - £77.00

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90 min deep dive healing - £111.00

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In Praise

“Ive recently had the pleasure of a reading with Kirsty it was powerful and hugely freeing…. It was a lovely insight into purpose and direction, and the actual reason why I’m here! A lovely reminder and wake up call for me to get back on purpose. It gave me an understanding of the bigger picture, and I felt so inspired afterwards and felt much freer. It allowed me to drop some of the expectations in order to make some of the decisions I needed to. I hugely recommend it!” – Fliss

“My reading felt timeless, like a secret journey to a magical land of light and limitless possibility. Before our session I felt unsettled, since our session, I’ve been feeling so much peace, calm and agency. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a session with Kirsty.” Mara 

Your Akashic Records practitioner, Kirsty Jandrell

Hello there beautiful soul,
I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Kirsty.
I’ve been blessed to have been working in the Akashic records since 2017 and am a certified practitioner and healer.

I guide individuals to bring clarity, illumination, love and healing on what is present in your life.

I’m also a successful business owner, entrepreneur, life coach, intuitive energy healer, author and busy Mom.

I  can be found playing in the beautiful and wild rural hills of Wales, with her beloved husband and daughter, alongside their fur babies Shanti and Iggy the Shelties and George our tolerant tabby cat!