Who would benefit from an Angel Reading?

Receive channelled loving guidance from the Archangels around specific questions you may have or challenges you may be facing right now.

⭐     Experience clarity on specific challenges, or opportunities, that are current for you.
🧡     Receive loving guidance and support from the heavenly realms.
⭐     Feel a deeper ‘connection’ from your Angelic Team, or Guides.
🧡     Feel more connected to your intuition.
⭐     Receive a higher perspective around issues or initiations you are moving through.

How does it work?

You book your session and submit your questions.

I connect to you energetically and to your guides and angels.

I receive the messages from the Angels and write down all of the information received.

I send you an email with all of the insights and information that comes through, and also the Angel Card reading itself.


This includes :

The Archangels that appeared for you and are supporting you.

  • What their messages are.

  • How you can best work with them at this present time.

Upon booking your session you will receive an email detailing your next steps.

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Angel Reading - £33.00

Book your Angel Reading here!

In Praise

“Kirsty’s kind nature and beautiful big heart are so evident in her work!

Her intuitive nature and brilliance are spot on.
Her Angel reading was on point and perfect.

Thank you Kirsty!”

Nikki Incandela

“My angel oracle reading with Kirsty was incredibly helpful at a difficult crossroads in my life. The cards I received and the way Kirsty interpreted them for my situation was insightful and supportive.

It gave me the courage to make a decision I’d been struggling with, and even months later the messages continue to resonate. Kirsty is a highly intuitive, positive, loving oracle guide!”

Flora Ware

Angel Reading - £33.00

Book your Angel Reading here!

Your Angel Reader, Kirsty Jandrell

Hello there beautiful soul,
I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Kirsty.
I’m an Angel Healer
® and am devoted to helping souls remember their divinity and magnificence!
I’m passionate about guiding beautiful souls to discover and develop their spiritual gifts and align with their soul’s calling.
I’m also dedicated to everyone having access to the unlimited flow of love, joy, and abundance that is our birthright!
In my spare time I can be found fairy-spotting with my daughter and two Sheltie dogs, Iggy and Shanti, in the rural hills of the Welsh countryside!